Get Your Reunion Tickets HERE!

STEP 1: Add event tickets and drink tickets to cart

* Please select the appropriate option for your payment type     (Cash/Paypal vs. Credit Card)
* Add guest names so we know who is coming!
* If you are not a graduating member of the Class of ’92, but were invited, please add the name of the person who invited you.

STEP 2: Adjust quantity of event/drink tickets on the check out page.  1 Event ticket/person.  1 drink ticket = 1 drink.

STEP 3: Pay for everything at once!

We wanted to give you the option to pay by credit card, but the event budget was based on exact costs, so we need you to cover the credit card transaction fee if you prefer to pay by card. Please be sure to select the “card” option to add 4% to your total to cover the Credit Card fees.

25 Year Reunion – Event Tickets
Guest(s) names

You have the option to buy drink tickets ahead of time or to pay at the event. Buying drink tickets ahead will save you about $1.30 per drink.

We tried to negotiate the price down, but there is a 21% service charge, plus 8% tax added to each drink.  This applies whether you buy at the event or in advance.

You will need to select a drink type and then “Add to Cart”  for each type of ticket you want.  You will be able to change the quantity on the shopping cart page.

1 Ticket = 1 Drink

Beer Tickets – (includes tax and tip)

Wine Tickets (includes tax and tip)

Select Liquor Tickets (includes tax and tip)

Premium Liquor Tickets (includes tax and tip)

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