25 Year Reunion for the Class of ’92

Our reunion is around the corner! Join us at the Aloft Atlanta for food, drinks, music and some good ol’ catching up!

More details regarding cost will be coming soon. Please help us finalize by responding to the pole on this event page.

FYI – In the past organizers have been stuck with a bill as the event cost was more than was collected by attendees. We are trying to minimize this by allowing guest to “customize” their experience. You will have the option to buy drink tickets ahead of time or pay at a cash bar at the event. Buying drink tickets ahead will save you about $1.30 per drink.

I truly hope you will come if you can! We have done a get together every summer for the last few years and always have an amazing time catching up!

I know it may feel like we “see” each other all the time via facebook, but it is a rare occasion to get everyone together in person! I stopped by the location last week and it is really cool!!!

Let’s have a PARTY like we did in the good’ ol days, except now we can book our own hotel rooms and buy our own cocktails!!! We are older, not OLD!!!!!!

Are you in? Or out? I am looking forward to seeing your TIGER SPIRIT RALLY!

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